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Green Zebras - A market research company of a different stripe


Green Zebras: A market research company of a different stripe

Market research has changed, and we’re not just talking about methodologies. What does market research encompass? Who provides it? Who buys it?

The answers for these questions today are very different from the answers of 20 years ago. Many traditional big-box market research agencies still cling to the business models, habits and client solutions from the past two decades.

Green Zebras was founded to be a clarion call for the new type of market research agency:

One that is boutique-intimate, but global in outlook.

One that confidently embraces new technology, for increasingly this is transforming business as we know it, and where our clients need the most answers and guidance.

One whose mission is to make sense of information, provide only insights that truly matter, and implement recommendations in partnership with the client.

One that is unafraid to change, adapt and grow.

This is not the traditional market research agency. Green Zebras is proud to be part of the new breed of agencies that aim to make market research truly relevant to the 21st century.

We are based in Malaysia, with a deep understanding of the Malaysian market. At the same time we have a wide expertise in Asia Pacific market research, and have built up years of experience running projects across the globe.

Every client who works with Green Zebras has senior executive involvement in their projects from start to finish.  Our market research solutions range from basic building blocks, like data collection and processing, to innovative methodologies like facial imaging and social media monitoring. In consultation with the client, we offer a bespoke portfolio of solutions that is completely customised to the current issue or business challenge.

These solutions can be taken from our in-house expertise, from that of our extensive partners across the globe, or from a mixture of both. Unlike big box agencies that prefer to keep everything internal for profitability purposes even if it may sacrifice project quality, our philosophy is to put the client first. If we can’t provide the solution for your project, we will find someone who can and work with them for the benefit of our client.

Finally we work with you, not just on the project. Green Zebras have successfully helped clients implement recommendations that resulted from market research findings.

Whether that implementation involves organising a strategy/brainstorming workshop with staff, or finding partners who can competently monitor a social media campaign, our greatest pleasure is derived from turning theory into action, and then seeing the positive results in the marketplace.

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