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Majority Of Malaysians Want Sale Of E-Cigarettes Legalised

  • Over half of healthcare professionals, teachers and parents want nicotine e-cigarettes legalised
  • More than half (52%) of all Malaysians polled believe the country should follow UK’s vape regulations
  • About 60% of Malaysians believe that vape products should be taxed


KUALA LUMPUR, December 2019 – A majority (69%) of Malaysian smokers say that they want to see legislation that would allow for the distribution and sale of nicotine e-cigarettes so that they can have a viable alternative to help them quit regular cigarettes.

A majority of Malaysians (66%) believe that the Malaysian Government is not doing enough to help smokers quit. In fact, more than half of parents (55%), teachers (51%) and healthcare professionals (52%) polled agreed that the Malaysian Government should emulate the Health Ministries of countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand that regulate the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes as a means to help smokers quit.

These revelations came from the Malaysian Perception of Smoking and Vaping Survey, a recent opinion poll conducted by Green Zebras, a leading market research company in Malaysia.

The poll also found that 58% of Malaysians surveyed believe that nicotine e-cigarettes should be taxed but at a level lower than that of regular cigarettes to encourage people to switch and quit smoking. This sentiment was equally reflected by both smokers and non-smokers alike.

Notably, 72% of all respondents say that they know someone, be it family, friends or colleagues, who vape and 67% said that they know where to purchase nicotine e-cigarettes. Ironically, more than half (57%) polled are aware that nicotine vape products are illegal for sale in Malaysia.

However, when non-smokers were asked if they are currently vaping, none of them said they were, thus potentially indicating that non-smokers are not inclined to pick up vaping.

Steve Murphy, Managing Director & Co-founder of Green Zebras Sdn Bhd, 
said, “The opinion poll shows that most Malaysians are well aware of nicotine e-cigarettes and even where to get them, as these products are now prevalent in our society.”

“Notably the poll also shows that Malaysians understand the need to regulate nicotine e-cigarettes and make them available to smokers wanting to quit,” he added.

Murphy also said: “Green Zebras’ Malaysian Perception of Smoking and Vaping Survey is timely given that the Malaysian Government is currently drafting a new Tobacco Control and Smoking Act.”

“This survey provides a better understanding of Malaysians’ perception of smoking and vaping which in turn should help relevant  stakeholders to make informed decisions,” Murphy added.

“We will be releasing additional insights from the  Malaysian Perception on Smoking and Vaping Survey in the coming two weeks to shed further light on national issues. Each will be categorised by specific subject matter,” Murphy concluded.

Green Zebras’ Malaysian Perception on Smoking and Vaping Survey comprised of a sample size of 1,010 Malaysian adults and is reflective of the perception of all Malaysian adults across Peninsular Malaysia.

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